Lighten Dark Circles with Sunekos Treatment at Shens Clinic

Hi everyone! My 2021 was a blast but that is also thanks to the decisions I have made to welcome the new year! I’d like to share my experience about the Sunekos Treatment that I’ve done at Shens Clinic during the end of 2020. In fact, this is the best decision that I’ve made in 2020.

Sunekos is indeed very very similar to the usual fillers. However, the difference is that Sunekos does not plump the skin immediately but creates a more natural results by communicating at an intercellular level so it can heal and mend itself. Also, Sunekos can be used really close to the eyes whereas dermal fillers cannot.

Firstly, some background knowledge. Sunekos is an injectable that contains high content of Hyaluronic Acid(HA) and Amino Acids (HY6AA) .

Amino Acids (HY6AA)

HY6AA is a patented formula with the specific mix of amino acids that helps to increase the fibroblast activities, where collagen and elastin production resides. With this HY6AA+ HA, it stimulates your skin to produce collagen, elastin on its own.

Therefore, SUNEKOS can help to lighten dark circles, fine lines/wrinkles and basically RESTORES Skin Elasticity and Natural Volumes.

It also helps to regenerate Type 4 Collagen which is the most difficult to produce. If you are someone with really DARK eye circles OR have wrinkles around your eyes, Sunekos help to stimulate collagen and elastin around the eye area- creating a self-fix effect and the results are definitely lasting (Because the cells have mended on its own)!

The consultation

I was quite confused (Because I thought it is exactly same as fillers), but after the initial consultation, Doctor Shen explained that Sunekos are slightly different, and has to be injected over a few sessions. I’ll need to do it over 3 times before the treatment is complicated. Also, the injections would be quite close to the eye area but it is absolutely safe.

The treatment

Before the treatment, the aesthetic nurse help me to apply the numbing cream all over my undereye until the whole of my cheeks are covered- in case doctor decided to treat the cheek area too (That is a bonus because the cheeks would then be more plump and rejuvenated). It takes around 20-30minutes for the Numbing Cream to sink in.


Can you see how bad my dark circles were- (Thanks to sleep debts not paid off since 2015)

Honestly, I was so nervous when the nurse starts removing the numbing cream! But here comes.


Doctor started the injection from my undereye area, covering about 5-6 injections across, then 2 more rows down to my cheeks area as there are quite abit of Sunekos left (Why waste it!).


The injections are on the surfaces kind, like touch and go every 1 sec, because it is a very small amount to be pump into the skin. Unlike fillers, which is meant for the needle to go skin deep. And as you can see, the needles are really fine!


My skin sored a little due to many little injections and there were bruises left behind (It is normal because we don’t know if the needles would hit the veins kind). Doctor helps to press down firmly on my skin to make sure the sore bumps goes back down.

After which, I had the mask on (Luckily it is the masking season! So I look very normal hehe) and travelled back home. Just within 30mins, after I’ve reached home, the sore bumps are gone, my face looks normal again yay! There are still a fair bit of bruises that would take 1 week to heal. The numbing is starting to go away and there, I am done for the first sess!

Honestly, it is quite painful still despite the numbing cream because the undereye is a really delicate area. My pain tolerance level is really high, I still rate this 4/10, slightly higher than injecting fillers. However, time passed really quickly and I’m done within 5-10minutes.


The bruises look quite scary BUT I’m only willing to post this to assure you that everything goes back to normal after!

I went back for 2 more sessions and did the exact some procedure (Other than the fact that I have switched the injection needle from fine needle to nine-needles in hope to reduce bruises). I switched the needles because my face heals really slowly from bruises and just had to pick the needles with less depth.


The 2nd after session pic is worst than the 1st session- due to the change of needle. It is also a little more painful but the procedure went even faster- 5mins and I’m done. Same thing…

Here is a scary pic of how your face’s gonna look like after applying pressure across from the nine-needles BUT your face is gonna be ok once you let 30minutes pass. And hurray to less bruises from the nine-needles!


I suggest you consult the doctor to discuss the type of needles you’re gonna be using based on your own healing speed. The 1st fine needles are gonna be less painful FYI. But for me, I just got to use the nine-needles to avoid the bruising.

The Result

And in the same process, I have let my face healed and went for the procedure for a total of 3 sessions. My face have healed completely and I AM REALLY HAPPY WITH THE TREATMENT.


My undereye area looks 5 years younger- I’m not even exaggerating because I can’t remember when my eyes do not need concealer even since the arrival of Aaron and Aayden. I sleep really little and now I can look awake despite having very little sleep!

This is really amazing! And the procedures usually sound scary but it really takes very little to look better- just abit of bravery helps haha. I hope this last a long time because my photos look amazing and I feel good looking at a young and youthful eyes again 🙂


Thank you Sunekos Singapore and Doctor Shen at Shens Clinic for the opportunity to try out this treatment! Feel free to PM me to ask more about the procedure/the healing process and thanks for reading my Sunekos Review.

Here’s the video of the whole process, if you want to find out more:

Sunekos Singapore:

Shens Clinic:

Winsland House 1, #09-08, 3 Killiney Road, Singapore, 239519

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  1. Hi Jeslyne, You have such a great post,
    this thinks it should do a great job) Could please to get an answer to me!
    Does it will work same as peptide???
    I do a lot of treatment with Cosmetic Tattooing | Cosmetic Tattoo | Permanent Makeup in Melbourne and I am really looking forward to doing the same treatment in my studio.
    Do I need a special certificate to do that?


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