WUNJO Red Bean Essence

WUNJO Red Bean Essence is a drink made with extracted red beans. The product is made from high quality Hokkaido red beans, without adding sugar, preservatives and artificial colour or flavouring.

At first, I was skeptical to try, red beans are so commonly found in your everyday lives, what makes it a worthy drink?


Red Beans are generally high in Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Polyphenols and Soluble Fibre.


By consuming this Red Bean Essence, it has an effective and natural way to help reduce the water retention in your body. It also increases your body metabolism. (This alone sounds enticing already) The best part? It is all natural, unlike detox or other cleansing drinks.

I opened a bag (super cute and pink packaging btw) and pour the red bean essence into a cup.

SAM_0627 (1)

Then, according to your personal preference, dilute the drink with 1-2 times of hot or cold water. For me, I poured in hot water!


It’s super easy to consume!

I love the taste, the red bean flavor is actually very subtle after you dilute them with water. The essence actually taste alot like tea so I can now substitute my coffee intake with this!

SAM_0630 (1)

There is actually another way to consume it. You can warm the bag directly in hot water, then opened and pour into a cup to be consumed directly.

SAM_0640_mr1580790614176 (1)

The WUNJO Red Bean Essence uses patented extraction technology to ensure that each red bean remains intact during the process of extraction. This way, it maximise the benefits of red beans without the carbohydrates, bringing drink efficacy to its best.

SAM_0597_mr1580790022712 (1)

The Red Bean Essence also has natural beauty-boosting effects! It’s definitely recommended for people like me, who looks for beauty drink with health factors all-in-one!

Since the drink can help improve poor circulation and reduce water retention, it’s very suitable for woman who experience water retention before and during menstruation cycle, and for pregnant women as well!


Lastly, if you’re a fan of Taiwan products, the WUNJO Red Bean Essence is also widely endorsed by renowned Taiwan celebrities.

SAM_0602_mr1580790162829 (1)

If you wanna try, go ahead to redeem free WUNJO Red Bean Essence samples here at Sample Store!!! The product is available for purchase as well.

More information: https://www.wunjofood.com/

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