Lynn Aesthetics Facial [AD]

Major love for Lynn Aesthetic and their beautician staffs!

The hospitality is daebak.
The moment i step foot into the facial salon, i fell in the love with the atmosphere.

For those who loves going for spa/massage overseas, especially in Bangkok,
you’ll love this place!
It’s prettily decorated and the whole place smells like lavender massage oil.

I actually brightened ALL of my photos alot, the place is much more dull and with dim, comfortable lighting.

These are the consultation rooms where the beauticians get you to fill up a form and retreive information from you regarding your skin type/conditions and all.

The entrance isn’t too impressive, but you’ll be impressed along the way!

They served me fruit tea while waiting, along with some mentos.

Then next i go viewing the entire place, and taking a look at the different rooms.
This is the 1st Level Room, which is also the Gents place.
They have a massage/facial around for guys! 
Which means boyfriends get to accompany their girlfriends for appointments!

Next, there i go, up to the 2nd Level, which is the Ladies area(No guys are allowed up there)
But first, selfie at the pretty mirror/deco before heading up!
I Really LOVE how they decorate their place?
Maybe it’s christmas period but it’s just plain awesome because they are really detailed in all the decorations.

At the 2nd Level, it’s where you’ll be amazed by the transformation of the salon as compared to the outside.
They built a resting area, with magazines, and snacks provided for you.

Then, i visited more rooms, and all of them were in different themes!
The photos don’t do justice, cause it’s way more relaxing when you were actually in them.
And this beauty salon is actually really old, they had been operating for close to 30 years? or more.
Therefore, the wall looks like it’s peeling, but the effort is 100% when it comes to creating the atmosphere for the entire place to feel good.

Finally, it’s my turn to do the facial!
Stoked to see this room, it’s supposingly the boss’s room, otherwise called VIP room.
The room is really pretty and huge!

Despite it being a neighbourhood salon, it’s completely professional.
And definitely comparable to those located at town area.
(Okay i really have bad impressions for neighborhood salons, because the last time i went, they squeezed so hard that i felt like my skin is going to tear T.T) 

My beautician’s name is Kate Tan, and she’s the Head Therapist.
The facial i did, was actually a customised one, according to my skin condition.

It’s very similar to the following guidelines that they offer to most people:

Lynn Aesthetic Detox Facial – Young and Trendy
Their Detox Facial focuses on the “self repair ability” that humans naturally have. 
By accelerating the metabolism of the cell,it helps to recover your best skin condition.

1) Cleanse
2) Tone
3) Gommage Peel
4) Steam- Skin Scrubbing(Machine)-
The steam felt great, especially when the room is cold and chilly.
It’s meant to open your pores further so it’s more thorough when they cleanse them.

5) Eyebrow Trimming
6) Oxygenating Serum/ Detox Gel/ Collagen/ Whitening Serum/ Hydrating Gel/ Slimlook Gel (Customized by Skin
7) Lip, Eye Care
8) Oxygenating Night Cream, Face, Shoulder Head Massage
9) Co2 Cream Mask
10) Hand Massage
11) Foot Massage
For hand and foot massage, they apply warm towels on you and it felt great, once again.
They do provide massage services on their menu as well, which explains why they are so skilful!

12) Toning- Cream – Sunblock

Before(with makeup) and After the facial (without makeup)
My skin is definitely brighter and less dull.
For hand and foot massage, they apply warm towels on you and it felt great, once again.
They do provide massage services on their menu as well, which explains why they are so skilful!

After the massage, they redirect you to the reception for refreshments.
Yay cause they served grapes and fruit tea again.

They also have a range of their own brand’s products.

Overall, i rate my experience 10/10.
I felt like a king being served so meticulously in the VIP room!
The extraction was not too painful, and they used legit machines for the facial session.
Followed by an amazing massage session, everything was great!

Lynn Aesthetic is located at:

Blk 211, Hougang St 21, #01-317, S530211
(Near the bowling place)

Go try now, they offer basic facial starting from $50 per session and the more customised one range from $130-$200.

Lynn Aesthetic website:
Read other reviews here:

All thanks to Lynn Aesthetic, my skin’s prepped for the New Year.
And here are some of the photos of my skin afew days after the facial:
*My skin with minimum BB Cream/Foundation*

So clear and clean now!!
Yay! Major love to Samplestore too for sending me over to Lynn’s Aesthetic!

2 thoughts on “Lynn Aesthetics Facial [AD]

  1. Very informative, thanks for sharing such a words. Am so much worried about which facial choosing for me. Once i visited Rupinis in Tampanies and i have choose Lavender facial. I love very much. my skin glows after that. They were treated me very carefully.


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