8D Osmolite Skin Booster at Rapellez Orchard with Vanitee App

Hi All!

Recently I worked with Team Vanitee for a video shoot on a special facial treatment.

For those who didn’t know already, Vanitee is a beauty app that allows you to book beauty services conveniently by locations and service type. They list beauty services such as Facials, waxing, nails and hair services on their mobile app.

So, I got introduced to a facial salon, Rapellez Orchard and booked the 8D Osmolite Skin Booster treatment.

It’s really cool, because this type of skin booster treatment is a world class 100% Waterless therapy.

This fractional technology had shortened the traditional 2 hours facial therapy to a sparkling 7 minutes treatment with zero downtime and the results proven are 20 times better.

I’m glad to given a chance to experience this new paradigm skin technology, it not only helps combat signs of aging, but also improve skin texture dramatically!

First, my face was cleansed with a waterless makeup removal spray.

Next, we proceed to the waterless therapy!

This remarkable treatment creates an exothermic reaction.

It allows deep purifying cleansing which literally push toxins out of the skin cells and polishes the top layer of the skin, by removing dead skin cells, accelerating the formulation of new healthy cell and removal of excess sebum and comedones.

After which, another device was used to suck and absorb all the dirt and impurities from my face. As she moves this device, I can feel strong suction and my face becoming cleaner!

Next, combined with Medical Grade RF to boost the skin to the fullest.

These rejuvenating nutrients are slowly absorbed to skin, it can help strengthen collagen cells, slow the aging process and build cellular immunity. It improves the appearance of skin irregularities such as fine lines, wrinkle, scars and a wide variety of other challenging skin conditions.

Your skin will be more receptive and the active ingredients can absorb into the lower layer of the skin more easily. It speeds cell renewal and it’s a good alternative for those who don’t tolerate harsh skin treatment.

All these treatments result in the formation of new healthy skin that is tighter and smoother and results are immediate.

Increased circulation, maximum hydration, and the infusion of active nutrients, reduce fine lines, revealing a smooth, moist complexion with even-out skin tone and vibrancy.

The following benefits of an 8D Osmolite Skin Booster Treatment is endless:

  • 90% Skin Tone Correcting & Evenness
  • 80% Skin Brightening & Radiance
  • 90% Diminishes signs of Aging
  • 95% Reduce Sebum Production
  • 96% Refine Pores and Scars
  • 90% Restores Skin Moisture & Hydration Level
  • 93% Visible Skin Texture Improvement
  • 80% Skin Clarity 87% Lightening Pigmentation

Best of all, no extraction, no injection is needed! The treatment has no downtime, non invasive and there are no future side effects.

Here is the END RESULT of doing an 8D Osmolite Skin Booster treatment. My skin is LITERALLY glowing and healthy! It’s so vibrant, bright and clear I can’t believe it. ( No make up is on my face!)

This treatment is also suitable for all skin type.

I’m really glad that I did this treatment!

What I like most is also the own house brand skin care range that Rapellez Orchard carry. (Abby) I was given a bunch to try and definitely recommends the following to you girls!

  • Beauty Factor Capsules
  • L-ascorbic Acid Whitening Mask
  • Apple Stem Cell Renewal Cream

It you’d like to try, the treatment is called 8D Osmolite Skin Booster treatment.U.P $388 (Duration:55 minutes). There is ongoing promotion on the Vanitee app, so go ahead to explore and book this treatment at $28 ONLY!!!! (Till end of July).

Rapellez Orchard
541 Orchard Road, #18-03/04, Liat Towers, Singapore 238881
Contact: 6736 0567

To better skin!:)

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