Le Queenz: Expert Customized Facial Treatment in Singapore

I truly enjoyed the trip to Le Queenz, a facial salon located conveniently in Middle Road, Fortune Center.


Le Queenz are famous for their Customized Facial Treatment, a 90 minutes facial session designed to meet the different needs of your skin.

There are 5 kind of customized facials that they offer:

1. Skin Strengthening & Protection (Revitalizing tired skin)
2. Regenerating Milky Enzyme (Illuminating for dull skin)
3. Moisture Booster (Intense Hydrating for dehydrated skin)
4. Intense Purifying (For blemished skin)
5. Intense Calming (For sensitive skin)

The Master Beauty Artist, Elaine, has more than 10 years of industry experience and is a super popular beautician. Therefore, my skin were in good hands when i visited Le Queen for the facial session.

The place is really comfortable and cozy! The lighting are dimmed and the salon is not noisy as well because the beautician focus only on one customer at a time.


Well, the advantage is that all the attention could be on you!


For the 90 minutes Customized Facial, i did the one that is suitable for sensitive skin, as following:

Step 1 & 2: Removal of Makeup using Milk Cleanser & Double cleanse using Foam Cleanser


Step 3: Enzyme peeling to remove dead skin cells and brighten your skin

The Enzyme is really nice smelling and it feels so gentle for my skin! The purpose of it is to soften and help push dead cells and impurities to the surface of the
skin before its removal using a high technology equipment. The facial extraction thus, can be pain-free!

Step 4: Using an equipment to gently remove impurities from the skin + blackheads extraction


Ewww look at the impurities from my nose!


Step 5: Usage of Babor’s beauty Ampoule

The one used on me is the Hydra Plus ampoule.

It’s an active concentrate for dry, dehydrated skin, containing hyaluronic acid and a plant-based moisturizer to help supply intensive hydration.



My skin feels really refreshed and thoroughly hydrated after application!

Step 6: Face and Eye Massage

Their facial massage is really the best!!! The comfort level is 10/10 and i seriously have not received this kind of treatment elsewhere. Usually, the facial just end off with mask and shoulder massage.


Step 7: Application of customized mask

The mask mix are usually customized according to your skin condition.


Step 8: Basic Care to complete the treatment

Of course, to end off, the basic toner, moisturizer and sunblock are applied.


And, my skin is literally BABY BUTT SOFT and CLEAR after the session!!!


What i love most about LE QUEENZ:

1. Customized Treatment
Before the start of any treatment, our Facial Therapist will do a personal consultation to get the full details on your skin type and condition. Then, the treatment and products used will be adapted to your skin needs for maximize results!!

2. Effectiveness
Le Queenz only uses premium skincare products as following:

  • Babor – Germany’s No.1 Professional Skincare
    Used extensively in over 90 countries worldwide and has been in the market for
    more than a half century. Its high quality is recognized by hoteliers and global
    beauty partners such as The St. Regis Dubai and Bali, SPAs in Ritz-Carlton hotels etc.
  • Kueshi – Spain’s Most Famous Skincare
    With high quality active ingredients and natural products, Kueshi is known for their effectiveness in providing optimal results to the skin. Animal lovers rejoie as all of their product formulas are cruelty free.

3. Perfect for Every Skin Type (including Sensitive Skin)
All the products used are made from botanical extracts, so they’re definitely gentle for any skin type including sensitive skin! There is no redness and no downtime for each facial treatment.

4. Prices are All-Inclusive
Services at Le Queenz are top-notch!  Their therapists are nice and non hard selling. (No selling policy during the treatment process.)

All prices you see online and offline are all inclusive, which covers the ampoule, mask, serum and any other products used for the entire service.


New customers can enjoy this customized Facial Treatment + FREE eye treatment
massage (worth $200) at only $50 NETT!!!

Appointment required, to enjoy this promotion, the readers and followers can call 62440228 or SMS 8533 2336 to quote “Jeslyne Soh X First Trial Facial $50”.


I’m a really happy customer! Will definitely visit this place again 🙂



Fortune Centre #02-11, 190 Middle Road, Singapore 188979
Tel : +65 6244 0228
H/P : +65 8533 2336
Email : corporate@lequeenz.com
FB : www.facebook.com/pg/LeQueenz
Website: www.lequeenz.com

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