Althea Korea MakeUp Box

I’ve been using the makeup products sent to me from Althea Korea Team the entire month and i officially love them!! ❤

Just take a minute to appreciate how pretty the entire set is!! 🙂


The Makeup Box includes:

  • BCL x A. Sunrise Moonrise Eye Shadow Palette
  • A. Watercolor Cream Tint in 4 shades
  • A. Flawless Creamy Concealer in 4 shades
  • A. Spotlight Eye Glitter in 2 colors
  • A. Skin Relief Spot Film Gel (Tea Tree Extract )

Just look at the eye palette shades! They’re so girly and dreamy i love!

LRM_EXPORT_58386045023315_20190305_123839566// LRM_EXPORT_58387279306006_20190305_123840800// LRM_EXPORT_15147429355011_20190227_102414740//

Here’s a simple Make Up Tutorial using the Sunrise Moonrise Eye Palette for a Girly (But not overboard) look:

  1. Use the Vanilla shade for the entire lid
  2. Use the light brown one for the middle lid
  3. Use the dark brown for the outer lid
  4. Blend them well, then apply some pink glittered shade on the inner lid and spread towards mid lid
  5. Lastly, use a brush, apply carefully some hot pink shade on your lower outer lid, you may apply some on the upper outer lid too
  6. I like to use the 1st shade (Vanilla white) to blend the colors altogether all over again
  7. (Optional) Apply a little purple shade at the outer lid with a blending brush. Ta da! you got the girly pigmented look and it’s not too overboard!
LRM_EXPORT_141447088505482_20190316_160400226// LRM_EXPORT_141446549409906_20190316_160359687//

See how the hot pink undereye adds a sweet spot to this makeup look? 🙂


I also used the A. Flawless Creamy Concealer prior to the eyeshadow makeup, and these are the spots that i usually conceal. The concealer is AMAZING, just a little bit will do, cause as the name suggest, it is indeed creamy and easy to blend out. 


The blend is good right??? See how well it conceals!


The A. Spotlight Eye Glitter (Pink) comes in use, i applied it as an eyeliner on top of the regular black liner.


Yay to pretty look!!! Entire makeup look by Althea’s Makeup Box!! I really appreciate how they send me new stuff to try. And it seems that their own makeup brand is of good quality and affordable price range.

I really like the colors and how easy it’s application is.

Here’s another make up look that I’ve come up with, a heavier and more pigmented one for a glamour night out! (Just use more of the purple and hot pink shades)


Do check out Althea Korea’s Makeup Exclusive page at

I cannot emphasis how AFFORDABLE these pretty make up are! I personally rate them 9/10, especially LOVE the eye glitters ($8 each!) Hope you dolls catch them fast! Till then! xoxo

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