PHS HAIRSCIENCE® ADV Purify Range for Healthy Hair & Scalp

Hello all! I’ve been trying out the PHS HAIRSCIENCE® ADV Purify Range for the past 1-2weeks and I’m very happy with the results.

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The PHS HAIRSCIENCE® ADV Purify Range consists of the Shampoo and Tonic.

As a mother of two, a full time working adult, as well as a blogger, I have the worst lifestyle habits of not sleeping enough, getting stressed as well as constantly moving about and therefore my hair and scalp aren’t exactly well taken care of at all times.

With bleached hair (although I’m proud that my hair is still very soft), I tend to only wash my hair every other night. This means oil and dirt tend to accumulate depending on my daily activities. As a result, I have dandruff time to time and also, uncontrollable oily scalp.

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I have only used this product for 1-2weeks, and I see a difference in my scalp already. It does not produce oil that much and the dandruff magically disappeared after few days I’ll explain WHY this shampoo can make this happen).

Also, for an extra touch, my hair is super soft and back to healthy state thanks to the PHS HAIRSCIENCE® ADV Nutrition Conditioner for All Hair Types.

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PHS HAIRSCIENCE® ADV Purify Shampoo 200ml ($48)

I love the minty feeling after you lather the shampoo, and leaving it on your scalp. The ADV Purify Shampoo is a great scalp cleaner that removes dandruff flakes and sebum clogs. It leaves my scalp refreshed and soothes itching or any sort of irritation. As a victim of dandruff and oily scalp, I can immediately feel a change in my scalp condition after 1 use.


The key ingredients of this shampoo includes Rice Stem cells (Promotes Scalp Circulation), Ribwort Plantain Extract (Anti-inflammatory that calms itchiness) and Salicylic Acid (Removes sebum clogs and dandruff flakes).


PHS HAIRSCIENCE® ADV Purify Tonic 100ml ($108)

After towel dry my hair, I apply the tonic to the different parts of my scalp, especially affected areas. It works like a spray and therefore, is super easy to apply.

The Tonic helps to normalise the scalp’s sebum production and reduces flaking. As a result, dandruff-causing bacteria are eliminated. No wonder my scalp feels so much less dirty after consistently using this range for a week.

I actually also love how this range calms and relieves my scalp from itching.


The key ingredients of this Tonic includes Patent 5 Complex (Promotes scalp health), Lotus Stem Cells (Heals and strengthens hair follicles), Polygonum Multiflorum Root Extract (Anti-inflammatory) and lastly, Licorice Root Extract (Prevents dandruff and greasy odours).

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This might just be the PERFECT RANGE that you’re looking for if you have Oily and Troubled scalp just like me!

PHS HAIRSCIENCE® products are made with the purest botanical essences and do not contain harmful additives like parabens, mineral oils or benzophenone. You’ll really experience the most effective concentration of their ingredients, thus faster and lasting results.

PHS HAIRSCIENCE® products are available at:

Retail stores: Wheelock Place #04-12, Ngee Ann City #05-25,
Plaza Singapura 04-34/35, Bedok Mall #B2-40/41, Parkway Parade #B-70/71, Takashimaya Level 3 counter

Online: , Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, as well as on Singapore Airlines’ KrisShop

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