SKINLITE Exfoliating Foot Mask

Holla! Just sharing some mid-week beauty tips!
Recently, i finally worked my lazy ass to put in more efforts in my beauty regimen.
As a full time working adult+a lil of school+being a mama,
i honestly have no time to go for facials, spas, or threading waxing all sorts.
Therefore, time to discover new ways to maintain my body.
Today’s focus will be my feet.
Time= money
So usually when our feet are dry and gross, we go for scrubs and pedicure.
But as i mentioned, i have no time for that.
So i opt for SKINLITE’s Exfoliating Foot Mask.
Anyway, even if you opt for pedicure, it will not be as good.
Because when they file your feet during pedicure, 
usually your feet gets smooth for the first few days,then it hardens. 
If you want to get a really smooth and soft feet, please try this!
There are pros and cons, it took me maybe 7-10days to fully shed.
Anyway this thing did wonder for me by getting rid of all the dead skins & brightened my dull feets. 
It cost me like only $4.90?! hahaha
Here, so big…..(I am only a size 36, uk4)
So here, took the shots for all angles to show you the size of the foot mask.

Duration of putting the mask on is 60 mins to 90 mins
So if you don’t want to be kept in bed/ in your sofa for soooooo long,
Just wear a bedroom slippers like me*Wink*
My legs look really ugly with scratches and all cause i have a cat at home
After 90 mins, i took the mask out and was hoping to see a difference
(like my feets to be softer or smth)
But no, we’ll have to wait for afew days.
As you can see, they are really red though, and abit of after-soaked effects.
Okay, this is going to get abit GROSS but pictures speak a thousand words.
If it was your feet, you will be feeling “shiok” instead HAHA
After afew days…..
And maybe after 5days? (Bottom picture)
Yes, the peeling gets fierce you can even pull them out in strips.(Self-shiok again)

Just kindly take note that you are going to NEED a pair of bathroom slippers?
Because your skin is going to peel endlessly and wherever you go,
 they are going to leave traces behind.
Or wear a sock.
But after 7-10days,

And erm, if you look closer the random dirts are dusts and not my remaining skin or smth
Sorry i am too lazy to wash my feets before taking this picture,
But i hope you get what i mean.

You may purchase them at any SASA OUTLETS.
Really very shiok….*(:
Anyway, looking for endless hair dye models for NEXT salon ION
(Girl or guy is fine, just have to pay $20-$40 bucks!)
So if you’re interested please let me know via my instagram @jeslynexsoh 
or ring me up if you’re my friend!

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