Faith in Face [AD]

Hi guys, 
I’ve been really busy with work and events
and haven’t really got ANY time for pampering facial sessions.
So… i’m really happy to receive these re-chargers at my letterbox!

Faith in Face 
is the No. 1 Hydrogel Mask Brand in Korea

So, before this, i don’t really know what a hydrogel mask is, 
or know what’s so good about them?

So i check it out online and realised that hydrogel masks are one of the better masks out there, as compared to paper masks/cotton masks etc..

They are called HYDROGEL because 
multiple water-soluble (“hydro”) layers of ingredients are blended until they form the consistency of a “gel,” hydro-gel masks generally have two-part systems, with top and bottom halves applied separately.

 Hydro-gel masks have the advantage that they have 
excellent absorption properties and will contour well to the skin
The only issues with hydro-gel masks are that they are more expensive than 
fiber and pulp masks, unlike regular microfiber and cotton sheet masks.
(which you can easily purchase at $2-4 a sheet)

And, there is also a reason why we should only put on the masks for 20minutes,
because most paper masks contain certain acids that are not healthy for the skin.

Faith in Face masks contain a high percentage of water soluble ingredients to deliver maximal hydration and superior skin rejuvenation. 
With a gentle formula that is suitable for sensitive skin, 
the hydrogel masks are also able to cool the skin, 
thanks to beta-glucans which rejuvenate stressed out skin.

 The Faith team believes that everyone is born with an attractive and beautiful face and
the role of cosmetics is to reveal and highlight each individual’s true and unique beauty, rather than changing something to your face. 

 Faith in Face uses only organic and naturally derived extracts
such as vegetable collagen, essential oils, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid etc. 

Also, being Free of parabens and mineral oils, 
Faith in Face products are specially formulated to be gentle on the skin 
while reducing the chances of allergic reactions. 

Faith in Face does not perform animal testing on their products as well !
(For those who are animal lovers!)
 There are 5 variants available for purchase:

1. After Shower Look Hydrogel Mask
This mask is supposed to give you the feeling of 
fresh, moist and glowing skin
just like how you’ll feel right after a shower! 

This soothing and moisturizing mask contains:

 1. Sodium PCA that helps supply moisture to your skin.
2. Hyaluronic Acid which has intense hydration and moisture retention capabilities. 
3. Camelia Oil is present to lock the moisture into your skin and helps to soothe your skin. 

2. Black and White Hydrogel Mask
With the famous Audrey Hepburn as an icon, this mask is supposed to help you achieve  beautifully flawless and luminous skin

 This brightening mask contains:
1. Arbutin and Niacinamide, a water soluble vitamin that has anti-ageing effects that improves and lightens your skin tone. 
2. Citrus Unshiu Pericarp extractthat has excellent anti-oxidant effects
3. Green Tea extract which contains Vitamin C, 
4. Tocopherols and Polypenols that brighthen your skin

As for this review, i’ve received 2 after shower masks and 1 black&white film mask.
For every box of retailing FIF masks, you’ll receive 3 of the same mask.

Things to take note during application:

There are a side that is smoother, remember to apply that smoother side onto your face!

Apply the top half and then the second half (or the other way around)

(Anyway, ya here is a ghostly face cause i am fun like that)

So yes, look at that glossy textures!
Hydrogel mask feels good, very smooth, 
and contours well to the face(so much more fitting then paper masks)
And it’s not over watery, i kind of dislike haven’t too much essence from the mask
I guess all the nourishments are contained well within the hydrogel.

Close up.. very smooth like jelly..

And tada! 
The mask that i applied is the After Shower Hydrogel mask.
It’s supposed to sooth and moist your skin.
This is the after photo, and my skin feels pretty good!
I put it on for 20-30minutes.

Overall feedback:
Feels light, refreshed and after i removed the mask,
it’s not over watery as well.
My skin’s less red and looks “calmed”.

(I’m sorry if i look very messy cause i really have not enough sleep these days ahah!)

These are the other 3 masks available and i would definitely wanna try the 
Miss Invisible Pore mask!

3. Nourish Me Hydrogel Mask
This mask provides the ultimate nourishment for your skin. 
1. Ceramide 3 plays an important role in generating a protective layer for your skin and is one of the most important lipid composition of stratum corneum. 
2. Broccoli Extract contains Vitamins C, E & beta carotene which promotes maintenance of healthy skin and prevents UV damage
3. Olive Oil moisturizes and strengthens your skin.

4. Hold Me Tight Hydrogel Mask
This is a lifting and firming mask which provides dual care to maintain and improve the elasticity of your skin in the long term. 
1. Copper Tripeptide that helps to liven and firm the skin without irritation, 
2. Rooibos extract and the popular Korean ingredient, Red Ginseng extract, that is known to reduce stress and improve firmness to the skin. 
HOLD ME TIGHT not only recovers and strengthens the firmness of your skin but also makes your skin look younger! 

5. Miss Invisible Pore Hydrogel Mask
Hate your pores? MISS INVISIBLE PORE will make you love your pores! 
A pore tightening mask, 
MISS INVISIBLE PORE has a 3-step solution for your pores. 
1. Salicylic Acid to reduce sebums hidden in the pores. 
2. Peppermint extract cleanses and purify your pores 
3. Natural astringents such as Chestnut Shell extract and Witch Hazel extract help to tighten and close your pores. 
With these, you can now embrace your pores and enjoy crystal clear skin! 

No harm trying!
It’s really better than paper sheet masks!

Faith in Face Hydrogel Mask range is now exclusively available at 
Watsons at $14.50 for 3s
The prices are really affordable for Hydrogel masks 
as there are like $10/mask and more ex ones out there.

Also, remember to ‘LIKE’ FaithinFaceSG Facebook page 
if you’re interested to find out more!
Thank you once again Samplestore!
I really love trying new products(:

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