ErucA Hair Products [AD]

Hello beauties!
Here’s another review post with generous products by the SampleStore SG!

If ya all didn’t know, I’m a BIG FAN of organic and natural beauty products.
I believe that at the end of the day, chemicals can never do us good.

Therefore, I’m thrilled to try out the whole range of products by
Shampoo & haircare range from Japan!

There are 3 ErucA ranges mainly:
1. Moist & Repair
2. Scalp & Volume
3. 3D Volume Up

Suggested by its name ErucA, which stands for a type of plant,
ErucA shampoo uses 12 types of botanical oils which provide similar effect

This range is supposed to help moist and tame your frizzy hair.
It also aims to restore the balance between water and oil in your hair.

It contains 3 types of botanical oil mainly,
– Argan oil
– Virgin Prune oil
– Marula oil

The Moist & Repair Shampoo smells reallyyyy good!
Love it!
It smells like jelly and honey-ish
Not sure if you’re the sweet type of girl of if you love Essential Hair Shampoo/ Sunsilk, 
you’ll love the fruity smell of this as well.
When applying, for long hair like mine, simply two 50cents coin amount is more than enough.
The shampoo is easily spread across the scalp and does not create too much bubbles/foam.
I guess it’s due to it being organic and made of botanical oil ingredients.
No worries, not oily at all!

The Moist & Repair Treatment Conditioner 
has a normal texture like the usual ones that we used for other brands.
However, when used, i notice the smell is less strong such that it will not cover the scent of the shampoo.
As well as it’s not as slippery/watery feel after applied.
When washed off, it’s easily rinsed unlike some conditioners where you have to rinse for quite awhile before they get completely rinsed off.

I have really sensitive scalp that gets irritated easily,
My hair gets very dry recently so if i used a shampoo that isn’t meant for moisturising/repair,
i can literally feel my hair being all dried up after i dry them with a dryer.
But this shampoo proves to be all good for me.
Overall, i rate this range 9/10


If you have scalp itchness/dandruffs, this range is here to solve your hair issues!
Specially selected seed oils are extracted to restore balance to your scalp to their healthy stage.

It contains 3 types of botanical oil mainly,
– Broccoli seed oil
– Cowberry seed oil
– Billberry seed oil

The Scalp & Volume Shampoo range 
smells as good as the Moist & Repair range.
It’s sweet smelling, honey-like/jelly-like scent, more honey like than fruity.
It’s transparent looking however, just saying ahah
Application process is the same as the previous range!
As this range targets scalp, i haven’t been getting itch/flakes problems ever since.
I’ve been using this range for 1-2 weeks now and it simply keeps my scalp oil free and really clean..
It’s amazing!
It really works for me to use both range alternatively.
It’s really important to take care of your scalp and not oyur hair only.
So…This range comes with something extra, 
which is the ErucA Scalp & Volume Hair Mask

Oh, and i really like the Scalp and Volume Hair Mask
I remember visiting the Jonssen Protein and receiving a free Scalp Treatment.
This hair mask gives me the exact same feeling during the scalp treatment!

Usage instructions can be found here:

Basically, you apply the hair mask all over your scalp in directions as if you’re applying hair dye
Then massage your scalp area and leave them on for 5mins.
Then rinse it off!
It leaves a rather cooling effect (Not painful/ stinging)

There is also a checklist on the ErucA Jap website, so if you have the problems stated in the list,
This hair product might work really well for you.

Rating of this range: 10/10
LOVE IT! seriously… hahaha


This range of shampoo contains a unique formula that targets “adult beauty hair”, 
which is needed for anti-aging care.
So yes, as it sounds, it’s more suitable for people with age.

This shampoo contains 3 types of botanical oil mainly,
– Broccoli seed oil
– Cranberry seed oil
– Milk Thistle OMEGA-6

This shampoo smells more orangey and less fruity than the other ranges.
But it sure lathers VERY EASILY.
You can wash your hair in a speed with this shampoo.
But, nothing much to talk about this range for me as i’m still young HAHA.

Well, if you have weak hair, i guess you can use this as well!
The full review can be found here:

Anyway.. the  bottle of VOLUME UP FOAM
is highly recommended for people with thin/ flat hair.
You can use it after your hair dry,
simply apply the bubble foam on your hair from your roots to your ends in a puff-them-up movement.

My favourite range has got to be Scalp & Volume,
(pairing with occasional use of the Scalp & Volume Hair Mask)
as it leaves my scalp clean and fuss free.

For more information, visit their websites at:

ERUCA can be found in all Guardian outlets
at an affordable price of $18.90-$22.90 per bottle.
Honestly, it’s so affordable so why not get one to try!

Now i can have sweet smelling, clean hair and volume hair everyday thanks to ErucA!:)

 Do also ‘Like’ ErucA on Facebook at: 
to participate in contests to WIN prizes!
(Hint: They have weekly ongoing contests)

FREE sample to be redeemed on SampleStore website at:

Thank you once again Samplestore!
Big love to you guys!

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