THIS, is the real deal ladies…
You know how people always compare quality to prices.
You know what they say about higher pricing= higher quality?

Today, i beg to differ.
I’ve found my favourite and most convenient eyelash extension salon.
This is not even an advert!

It’s a home-based eyelash salon located conveniently in Bishan.

(I know right, what’s with me and home-based places hehe)
I really really appreciate home-based services because firstly,
efforts are one to one, there’s no crowd to fight with you.
Secondly, no expensive rentals so they don’t overcharge like hell.

Here’s the price list.
Sandy’s a Taiwanese so she really knows the beauty trend very well.
& she told me that over there they’ve already started on 6D, 9D or Cinderella kind of eyelash extensions (i can really imagine HAHA)
But right here in SG, it’s still 3D.. 

I did Mink lashes that were comfy as hell!!!
Really, it’s the most comfortable lashes i’ve ever tried.
It’s not pricky/hard and does not make me feel like plucking them off as soon as i’m done.
It’s so natural that i don’t really feel them at all?

The best part is that it’s so LONG and yet i feel nothing!!
Taiwanese really is yi ji bang(Y) BEST!

You ladies should go over to her place to try but please don’t get addicted and 
keep doing all the time ahhaha, your lashes need to grow also ok!

You can check out her facebook page:

And she is located at:

Bishan block 249 street 22

To see many pretty eyes and lashes, hop over to
IG: @sandys_eyelash_beauty

Yays to pretty eyes!:)

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