ACUVUE® Oasys® 1-Day

Hi guys!
I’m back with a collaboration with Acuvue and Samplestore SG!
This time, i’ll be reviewing their latest range of product, the 
ACUVUE® OASYS® 1-Day lenses.

I’m very used to wearing coloured lenses, and the quality of those lenses can range from established brands or from random Instagram shops(Lousy quality ones basically)
I shall not rate the other brands in this post, but overall, what i’m saying is that i know how to differentiate the comfort level of clear lenses as compared to coloured ones.

As said to be:
“The Lens That Keeps Up With My Demanding Days”, 
I totally get the message Acuvue is trying to send across.

As you know, for most people, we wear our lenses (clear) daily from morning till night, which makes it dry, tired, uncomfortable for our eyes to handle. (Especially for working adults, with the hectiv work lifestyle)

Recently, i went for a Free Professional Eye Check (Worth $60) at Eyewear Optics located at Thomson Plaza.

I’ve done a comprehensive eye health check with my ECP named Ai Ling:

Ai Ling is very friendly and knows her stuff really well.
She checked thoroughly for any damage in my eye and explains to me well on my eye degree and how this new range can help me on my daily use. (which will be explained later)

So what the main difference with the new ACUVUE OASYS lenses?

Demanding days destabilize the tear film, and for OASYS, it uses Hydraluxe™, which is a Tear Infused Design to retain the moisture from your tears.
Lastly, needless to explain, tears definitely work better than water.

What is HydraLuxe™
An enhanced network of tear-like molecules that enables ACUVUE® OASYS® 1-Day to integrate with and support the tear film.

In simple words, for a consumer’s understanding:
Increased No of Molecular Bonds in polymer network =  Increase thread count in luxury Similar to bed sheets

With this, ACUVUE® OASYS® 1-Day can help unlock first jobbers’ career goals as they transit into a more demanding lifestyle

The lenses are retailing at $72 per box (30 lenses in a box) 
I’ve been wearing the Acuvue Oasys for 2 weeks and I’m proud to say I’m sold!
I literally don’t use eye drops anymore, on a normal day I used to apply 3-4
times a day.

Overall, I have tested and am really pleased with the lasting lenses.
My eyes feel more comfortable (Less dry) throughout the day!

To my readers, 
You can now download $30 e-voucher to try ACUVUE® OASYS® 1-Day 
(Voucher will also be valid for other key brands – Define™, MOIST® for Astigmatism, MOIST® Brand Multifocal) 

Remember to hashtag, #seemyworld • #achievementunlocked on instagram to help spread words if you really feel a difference!

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