You can now go wireless and hassle-free, SUDIO Earphones: VASA BLA (Review)

Well, with the advance in product development,
it’s no surprise that our earphones can now be used wireless, and hassle-free.

SUDIO VASA BLA earphones.
In my favourite colour amongst the four, the ROSE GOLD BLACK.

I’m not a particular person when it comes to technology, but i’ll review with the help of my colleagues!

INCLUDED- What I’ve received

It comes in a pretty box and a Sudio tote bag, feels like a pretty good present!

Firstly, it comes in a pretty box, which i love(:

What you can find in the earphone box:

 – Vasa Blå earphones with 4 pairs of extra sleeves (Ear buds i call them)
– Owner’s Manual & Quality Assurance Card
– Genuine Leather Carrying Case (Surely a plus point!)
– Metal Clip
– Charging Cable
– Battery

SPECIFICATIONS- What i grabbed from their website

Housing: Composite, Aluminum
Finish: High polished metal parts
Model: In-ear, Bluetooth 4.1
Weight: 14 grams (housing)
Range: 10 meters
Battery time: 8 hours (active), 10 days (standby)
Charging time: 10 minutes (quick), 120 minutes (full)

So i put these specs to test, and here are MY PERSONAL REVIEW:
I charge it for only 10 minutes, until the red light turned blue.
It’s really really quick and convenient for busy people, a plus point!
And it’s still lasting as i don’t use earpieces too often.

As for the range, it really works as well, i experiment up till 7m, working fine!
It can be easily connected by bluetooth, simply hold on to the centre button for 5 seconds to search for compatible devices around (Till ya see the red light as shown below)

I can walk around freely in my house without having to bring my phone with me.
Which makes it really convenient for me, especially when i work out at home.
They totally eliminate the problem of having tangled wires/heavy phone in the pockets.

Convenience: 10/10

Sound system: 9/10 
( As i believe there are better and more expensive earpieces out there, 
this is really good enough for me, plus the noise cancellation’s good too)
Design: 10/10 
(Definitely fashionable and stylish enough!)

Price: 8/10

I would definitely buy it, with the following discounts given to me!:)

For my readers, 
You can now quote “SudioXSample” to enjoy a 15% discount and an additional 20% instant tax rebate upon purchase.

Visit their website now at:

Sudio is also one of the sponsors of 
Sample Store’s Giftopia event on 15 & 16 October 
where they’ll be giving away 6 sets of Vasa Bla earphones during the event! 

Find out more and RSVP your slot here!

Oh, and remember to join the giveaway at my instagram account! @jeslynexsoh
You might win it(:

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