Mole Removal Laser at Aesthetics Central Clinic

I’ve always wanted to remove the moles on my face, especially the bigger and prominent ones, as I envy those with clean faces and think I’d look better without them. And no matter how good the photos look, the moles are just very obvious and it has been a concern for me since young.


Therefore, I made a visit to Aesthetic Central Clinic, the place where I did my Nose Threadlift, to find out more about their Mole Removal laser.


During my consultation, Dr Ryan explained clearly how the laser works, and how the procedure will be carried out. Lasers are used to burn and “cut” the mole out. However, burning means strong heat on the skin, so Dr Ryan tends to prevent cutting too deep into the surface area so that ugly scars would not be left behind. After which, the spots would turn red/brown and eventually fade to pink over time. 

The procedure sounds easy enough, and there are not many risks, so I made the decision to go ahead with the mole removal.  Say goodbye to my moles!


To begin, Numbing cream was applied on 5 of the moles on my face, 4 tiny ones at the left profile and 1 bigger one above my lips. 


It took approximately 20 minutes for numbing to take place. Dr Ryan injected anaesthesia as he’s afraid that I would be uncomfortable (and feel pain), the bigger mole is quite close to the lip and would be more sensitive than the other parts.

Dr Ryan patiently begins with the laser and the procedure is really simple, it took about 5-10minutes to remove each mole.


I could feel a little when the laser was on my skin, however the pain is endurable (2/10 most of the time).


After approx. 45minutes, we’re done! 

Here’s how the wound look on the day itself when the mole is being laser off. The wound is not too red yet.



I got antibiotic cream and applied diligently every day and night on the wounds. The laser parts look really red and obvious for the first few days. Then it starts to scab one by one after 4 -5 days. 


After the scab drops, it leaves a brown/pink spot, which means the wounds have healed. I use concealer in the day to cover them up so they’re not really obvious.

Here’s a picture of how it looks after the scab has dropped and wound has healed, around 1-2 weeks after.


It looks a bit dark still, and will take some time to slowly faint into pinkish tone. I’ll need to go back for a review and perhaps use laser toning to even out the marks left behind.

Some things to take note are to keep the wounds clean and dry (so that recovery is faster), and to avoid putting on makeup directly on the wound itself (at least for the first week).


I look so much fresher in the left(After) photo.

Overall, I’m still glad that I underwent the mole removal laser treatment because I have always wanted a clean look! I’m excited for the scars to fade and to a clean and beautiful face! 

It will cost approximately $300 for a couple of moles.

If you’re interested to find out more, feel free to contact Aesthetic Central Clinic for consultation! Remember to look for Dr Ryan Tan!

Aesthetics Central Clinic

8 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central Office One, #11-90 Singapore 059818

Phone: (+65) 6221 8221

Whatsapp: (+65) 8448 8636


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