Urban Steps Academy, Dance Classes

Hi All, Recently, I’ve brought Aaron to a dance class at Urban Steps Academy. I thought it’ll be a good exposure and experience for Aaron since I love dancing so much myself.

The dance studio is conveniently located at Beauty World Centre, accessible via the Beauty World MRT Station.


Over the years, dance classes such as Hiphop, Kpop, Funk style are getting more popular!

I like how this dance school offers programmes for different age group, such as kids and teenagers. There are also special 3 months courses for the serious learners.

This is a how the studio looks like, it is also located at the highest level of the mall, directly beside the hawker centre.

Photo from Jeslyne//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

And this is Aaron, getting ready to be all cool and funky!


Aaron attended the Urban Juniors class where the kids danced to the My Little Pony Theme song this session! It was truly enjoyable for him.


The instructor, Maqrius, was patient and has a way around kids! Just look at the pictures and you’d know. It’s also a really good time to test Aaron’s listening skill and movement.


Here are the other kids enjoying the dance class with him. Urban Juniors is the youngest class, with kids from 5 years to 8 years old. There are also other classes which are suitable for other children.




Overall, It was a pleasant experience with Aaron in the dance class.

I’m sure he had a good time expressing himself via the upbeat music too. Moreover, the older kids took care of him and he has made new friends!



How i wish i was the one attending dance classes huh. All dressed up for Hiphop or something haha.


I’m actually very impressed by their rehearsed dance videos. These children did an extremely great job! I’ll be super proud if i’m their parent!

Lastly, if you’re interested to let your kids try out dancing, lucky for you!!

My followers get to receive a free dance trial, valid from 3rd June onwards till July 2019! Simply quote “JESLYNEXURBANSTEPS” when you call in to register for the classes!

Parents, wait no more!


Urban Steps Academy

#04-16 Beauty World Centre 
144 Upp Bukit Timah Rd 
Singapore 588177 
+65 8822 7890


Althea Korea A’Bloom Collection

I really love Althea Korea’s products and have been with them for awhile.

This time, they are launching the A’Bloom Box and the collection is simply the cutiest!!!

In The Box, it contains:

4 Mask Sheets-

  • A’bloom Moisturizing Watermelon Mask Sheet
  • A’bloom Nourishing Avocado Mask Sheet
  • A’bloom Brightening Lemon Lime Mask Sheet
  • A’bloom Anti-Blemish Peach Mask Sheet


FRUITS SHEETS look so fun and sound so yummy at the same time, dayum. Here are the benefits to each type of mask:

Peach: Anti blemish-purifies and soothes sensitive skin, Peach and Tea Tree Oil to regulate oil, balance moisture and purify

Lemon: Brighten dull skin, Double dose of Vitamin C from both lemon and lime- banish dark spots, Green Tea-Boost boosts brightening while calming skin

Watermelon: Hydration and moisturization- waterful skin, Lavender to calm senses

Avocado: Rich in Antioxidants- protects from environmental harms and prevents wrinkles, Infused with avocado & hibiscus for soft supple skin

2 Types of Blending Puffs

  • 1 A’bloom Giant Meringue Puff
  • 3 A’bloom Baby Meringue Puffs


The Meringue puffs are priced at such affordable prices!! Only $3 for the giant one and $4 for a pack of 3 baby puffs. Additionally, they’re made from high density latex FREE foam (PLUS POINTS).

Not sure about you, but i definitely have to use a puff to apply my makeup daily. They are the best tools invented to help blend the makeup so easily and well on the face!

And my favourites are those Baby puffs, that covers hard to reach places like sides of nose and corner of eyes.

Lastly, the A’bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster


This Natural BHA Blackhead Blaster stick removes your Blackhead/Whitehead effectively with no pain. It also purifies and clarifies your pores instantly with natural ingredients: White Willow(BHA),Charcoal, Apricot Seed, Tea Tree Leaf Oil.

I love how i can use this multi-ways, both on the face (For exfoliation & sebum wash off) and on my body as well (Advisable on the elbow cause it’s rough as hell).

Big love to Althea Korea for sending me this lovely A’Bloom Collection!<3

The collection is already out for sale on their website, simply visit:


Do check out their entire range of kbeauty brands as well!

Nose Threadlift with Aesthetics Central Clinic

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a Nose Threadlift and I was super duper excited when I set an appointment with Aesthetics Central Clinic!

This is my second experience with Nose Threadlift, with the first experience, I’ve definitely gotten braver because I already know the procedures to it.

I had a good impression of the clinic, it was located at the office building of The Central Mall and the receptionist and nurses are really friendly.



The clinic looks clean with beautiful decorations, which makes me feel safe about doing any procedure there because it looks comfortable and professional.

Here’s the waiting area, super cozy feel.


And this is one of their rooms.


The first step to the procedure is to numb the nose with numbing cream. The assistant nurse brought me to a room and took the “before” photos so that I can compare and see the difference after.


Next, I waited approximately 20 minutes, before the numbing cream actually set in.

Dr. Ryan Tanconsulted me before starting the procedure. Despite knowing that I have done this before, Dr. Ryan Tan still went through a very detailed brief of the Nose Threadlift procedure process! I’m so glad that he refreshed my memory of what I should be expecting.

He also gave me recommendations of how he planned to proceed with my Nose Threadlift. I expressed my concerns about having my nose still looking natural after this.


As we’re about to begin, he then explained that anesthetic injection would have to be given twice, one up my nose bridge and then one directly on it to make sure the nose can’t feel anything. This is to ensure that I feel comfortable throughout the procedure as well. I was indeed very brave because I already knew what’s about to happen 🙂


Dr Ryan Tan then proceed to insert 8 threads up my nose bridge. I know, the needles look scary, but you don’t see me being scared here, in fact, I don’t feel any pain, I only felt the motions.


Dr Ryan also recommended some short threads at the sides of my nose to perk it up. I agreed because the sides of my nose are really soft and it looks kind of fat.


I think he only took like 15 minutes? And it’s all done! The procedure was comfortable and FAST.

My nose felt sore at the start but it’s fine, the soreness and swelling will go away within 2-3 days.

This is how the nose look like immediately after the procedure. The swelling will go down and the nose will become more “petite” after a few days, giving it a more natural look.


I am so pleased with the results!!

Having a sharper nose is the dreams of all ladies because it can really help define our features better.

Here, the before and after, my favourite part because the comparison made you feel like it’s all WORTH IT.



Lastly, I was given some medications that lasted about a week to ensure that the wound and all does not flare up.

Let me repeat, this is a really SAFE and FAST procedure which I would recommend to everyone to do. Fillers are great but if you want a more defined and lasting outcome, choose Nose Threadlift! Nose Threadlift doesn’t spread too!

My doctor’s really good! So if you’re looking to do another aesthetics treatment, do visit my clinic!


Look at me, such a happy girl!

As for price wise, it differs with the number of threads you’ll require, a consultation is definitely advisable for anyone who’s keen to try any aesthetic treatments.


Thanks for taking good care of me, Aesthetics Central Clinic and Dr. Ryan Tan! I had a 10/10 experience 🙂

This is me 3 days after hehe. SO NICE RIGHT, getting more natural.


Who doesn’t want to be prettier? Everyone does!

Okay, so if you’re keen, do check out their website for more info!

Aesthetics Central Clinic

8 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central Office One, #11-90 Singapore 059818

Phone: (+65) 6221 8221

Whatsapp: (+65) 8448 8636

Email: aestheticscentralclinic@gmail.com

Althea Korea MakeUp Box

I’ve been using the makeup products sent to me from Althea Korea Team the entire month and i officially love them!! ❤

Just take a minute to appreciate how pretty the entire set is!! 🙂


The Makeup Box includes:

  • BCL x A. Sunrise Moonrise Eye Shadow Palette
  • A. Watercolor Cream Tint in 4 shades
  • A. Flawless Creamy Concealer in 4 shades
  • A. Spotlight Eye Glitter in 2 colors
  • A. Skin Relief Spot Film Gel (Tea Tree Extract )

Just look at the eye palette shades! They’re so girly and dreamy i love!

LRM_EXPORT_58386045023315_20190305_123839566//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js LRM_EXPORT_58387279306006_20190305_123840800//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js LRM_EXPORT_15147429355011_20190227_102414740//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Here’s a simple Make Up Tutorial using the Sunrise Moonrise Eye Palette for a Girly (But not overboard) look:

  1. Use the Vanilla shade for the entire lid
  2. Use the light brown one for the middle lid
  3. Use the dark brown for the outer lid
  4. Blend them well, then apply some pink glittered shade on the inner lid and spread towards mid lid
  5. Lastly, use a brush, apply carefully some hot pink shade on your lower outer lid, you may apply some on the upper outer lid too
  6. I like to use the 1st shade (Vanilla white) to blend the colors altogether all over again
  7. (Optional) Apply a little purple shade at the outer lid with a blending brush. Ta da! you got the girly pigmented look and it’s not too overboard!
LRM_EXPORT_141447088505482_20190316_160400226//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js LRM_EXPORT_141446549409906_20190316_160359687//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

See how the hot pink undereye adds a sweet spot to this makeup look? 🙂


I also used the A. Flawless Creamy Concealer prior to the eyeshadow makeup, and these are the spots that i usually conceal. The concealer is AMAZING, just a little bit will do, cause as the name suggest, it is indeed creamy and easy to blend out. 


The blend is good right??? See how well it conceals!


The A. Spotlight Eye Glitter (Pink) comes in use, i applied it as an eyeliner on top of the regular black liner.


Yay to pretty look!!! Entire makeup look by Althea’s Makeup Box!! I really appreciate how they send me new stuff to try. And it seems that their own makeup brand is of good quality and affordable price range.

I really like the colors and how easy it’s application is.

Here’s another make up look that I’ve come up with, a heavier and more pigmented one for a glamour night out! (Just use more of the purple and hot pink shades)


Do check out Althea Korea’s Makeup Exclusive page at https://sg.althea.kr/althea-exclusives/makeup

I cannot emphasis how AFFORDABLE these pretty make up are! I personally rate them 9/10, especially LOVE the eye glitters ($8 each!) Hope you dolls catch them fast! Till then! xoxo

New Double Oxygen Honey Facial at J STUDIOS

I love J studios because of their great salon ambience, check out more from my previous post here.


J Studios are known for their best selling Signature Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial, which is awarded as the “Best Deep Cleansing Facial” by Beauty Insider. And if you’ve heard of the famous Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial, this is the place that offer that special edible facial!


This time round, I am back for their new Double Oxygen Honey Facial that’s going to be launched this Mid Dec 2018.


As usual, I was greeted with a yummy cup of yuzu tea before proceeding to the facial room.And as a fanatic for beautiful decorations, I took many pictures at my favourite corner, the rose decorated wall😊


I was brought to the Lavender room, which has a really relaxing atmosphere with it’s dim purple lighting. Their treatment menu and product displays are really cute too! Love that mickey mouse on the side table!


The beautician let me choose on the aroma for the massage and I chose Rose this time!

Before we begin, cleansing and makeup removal was done using the Bernard Cassiere Lotion Cleanser. After which, Sweet Honey and Sugar scrub was used to lightly exfoliate my entire face. The usual light manual extractions were done for troubled areas as well.

We proceed to start on the main procedures.


The Double Oxygen Honey Facial Treatment is meant to soothe and hydrates our skin, resulting in skin regeneration and renewal.

Oxygen is the main ingredient used, with a mixture of vitamins, antioxidants and an anti-aging serum, it DEEP CLEANSE our pores, and plump the skin at the same time.

Watch the video to see the process of oxycleanse!

Not to worry, it’s not painful, and is really comfortable because of it’s cold mixture.

For this new facial, Royal Jelly Honey is applied on the skin after “cleansing” with oxygen to immediately treat the skin with antioxidants.


An additional layer of Acacia Honey mousse mask is stacked on for better results.


I took a great 20 minutes nap and the facial product smells so good! (Cause it’s honey)

After which, masks were removed and basic products like toner, Oxygenating Honey moisturiserand sunblock is applied to all customers.



Can you see that my face is super radiant and glowing right after the facial? I have no make up on here hor!!


It is indeed my favourite facial! I have a nice cup of honey drink after.

I also really like the fact that they serve a drink according to the theme of the facial! (I had chocolate drink the last time because I did a chocolate facial😊)

Lastly, I will recommend this facial to anyone who has dull,aging and under-nourishing skin because you will really see results after just one treatment. It also helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and pores.


The Double Oxygen Honey Facial is priced at $356 per 90 minutes session.

As usual, for MY FOLLOWERS,
You can enjoy a 1 For 1 PROMOTION ($356 for two sessions), simple quote JESLYNE1FOR1!!

The last day for this promo is the end of Dec 2018.

One tip: You can always buy with the promotion and arrange for appointment later in 2019 if you don’t need to do it in 2018! SUPER STEAL DEAL to get it for HALF PRICE!!

Thanks for having me again J Studios!

Contact Details 
Appointment Booking: 91828565
Website: https://www.jstudios.com.sg
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/jstudios.com.sg
Instagram: @jstudiosbeautycare

Central:J Studios (Haji Lane Flagship Store)
31 Haji Lane, Singapore 189224
Near Bugis MRT

West: J Studios (Jurong Classic Store)
352 Jurong East Street 31, #01-131
Next to Chinese Garden MRT
Opening Hours: 10:30AM - 10:00PM Daily


I visited LAVIDATM to get my eyebrows embroidery done recently.


I know of LA VIDA previously as a threading salon, to my surprise, they provide brow services as well!

Donna Beauty | LA VIDA | Nailz Haus, are actually a premier skin treatment, body wellness, nails and cosmetic artistry group that has been in practice for more than 8 years.

Therefore, my brows are in good hands!!

Here is a photo of my brows before the actual treatment.
2018-11-14 08.06.33 2

To begin, they applied numbing cream on my brows and let it rest for about 20-30minutes.

It didn’t hurt/sting.

2018-11-14 08.06.33 3

2018-11-14 08.06.32 2

After, the beautician drew my brows with an eyebrow pencil, to determine the outlines before the actual embroidery.

2018-11-14 08.06.32 1

The embroidery that I’m going for, is the LA VIDATM Deluxe Creative Brows.

They adopted the latest embroidery method, which is done by strokes and that makes each strand looks like “individual eyebrow”. A sculpting tool is used to stroke the brows manually, to be more accurate and natural.

2018-11-14 08.06.31 2
If you’re curious, it did not hurt at all!!

See the stokes, a really natural look is created, with three-dimensional tone and my eyebrows are pretty now!

Here are more pictures of my new brows *proud*

2018-11-14 08.06.30 1

After seeing the final brow, I’m indeed so pleased!

The strands somehow stand out on its own. It’s still abit red at the time when I just completed the brows, however rest assured no pain!!

So… here comes the BIG QUESTION, DOES IT HURT??

I am so proud to announce, no, it didn’t hurt one bit. At first, I was a little skeptical, because I did Eyebrow Embroidery elsewhere before, and they used a mini tattoo pen, but here, they use a microblade. It scares me a little, but it didn’t hurt at all, unlike what I’ve experienced before. I guess this is great news!!

Here’s a BEFORE and AFTER:
2018-11-27 03.03.33 1



One exception experience I would like to highlight is their service.

Never have I stepped into a brow parlour feeling so pampered, with more than 100% attention given to me.

I believe the services are genuine as each of the beautician gives advice and cross checks to confirm the work. I think they treat their work seriously, which is really comforting for any paying customer.

1 of LA VIDATM Deluxe Creative Brows session + 1 touch up session cost (U.P $1369.60).

For my readers only, quote “Jeslyne398” to receive a complimentary facial treatment (U.P. $204) on top of the promotional service. Do make an appointment (by SMS/WhatsApp at 87976271).

For the extra make up look, you can still add powder to your embroided brows. So convenient though, saving that extra 5 minutes trying to draw your brows nicely😊

Remember to look for my beautician, when you’re there!

I’ll update you guys when I go back to touch up my brows again😊


List of LA VIDA outlets:

AMK Hub #B1-24, Tel: 6481 5484
Bedok Mall #01-27, Tel: 6384 3218
Grantral Mall @Clementi #01-09/10, Tel: 6774 7372
Compass One #04-23, Tel: 6386 2585
Lot One #02-02, Tel: 6769 3244
Northpoint City #B1-168 Tel: 6873 1168

Find out more on their website at www.lavida.com.sg.

Christmas Beauty Gift Guide 2018 with FABLIFE

Christmas is just round the corner and I’m super excited with this festive season. Because that means lots of discounts and attractive promotions islandwide!

Everyone should know by now that I love FABLIFE‘s beauty, wellness and body products!! And I would really recommend anyone to try them. They have really good bras/shapewears FYI that i would choose over any other brands.

2018-11-28 10.32.08 2

FABLIFE is holding their very own Christmas packages and here are some of the exclusive promotions this 2018!!

THE PRICES ARE SO SO ATTRACTIVE!!!! Find the packages below:

1. Glowing Inside Out Bundle consists of 1 INDOX & 1 VENNA RICESPA at $68

The Venna Indox is a Natural Fruit & Enzyme Supplement that helps to break down large molecules such as fats, carbohydrates and proteins to aid nutrients absorptions. More info can be found here.

The Venna RiceSpa is Face Scrub plus mask that aids combating acne, reduce wrinkles and promotes cell regeneration. More info can be found here.

2018-11-28 10.32.09 1

2. Rejuvenate & Replenish Bundle consists of 1 INDOX & 1 APPLE at $95

The Venna Indox is a Natural Fruit & Enzyme Supplement that helps to break down large molecules such as fats, carbohydrates and proteins to aid nutrients absorptions. More info can be found here.

The SwissCórr Apple Stemcell Full Body Rejuvenation Drink repairs damaged skin cells and has reverse aging purposes. 1 Box consists of 15 days course. More info can be found here.

2018-11-28 10.32.08 3

2a. VENNA RICESPA & 1 REVE product (Any) at $95

There are different type of serums and masks under the Reve product range which you can Mix and Match with 1 box of Ricespa.

2018-11-28 10.37.00 1

3. Voucher that consists of 1 personalised BRA and SHAPEWEAR Fitting Experience at $288.

This also entitles you to an Exclusive 20% discount off selected designs of bra and shapewear.

2018-11-28 10.45.39 1

4. BELIK EYE MESSAGER, Buy 2 at 25% off

Give your eyes a treat with this super relaxing Eye Massager!
2018-11-28 10.32.07 1

The prices are really attractive enough right???

SO DON’T MISS OUT the Christmas sales cause these make damn good Christmas Gifts for your wife, friends and relatives!

They also sell REALLY PRETTY AND COMFORTABLE pyjamas and sports range. I especially love this FinelyCup Homewear too!!

2018-11-28 10.26.12 1

Read more about the other reviews that i have done for FABLIFE here:

1. FinelyCup Lingerie by Fablife
2. The Venna Rice Spa by FABLIFE

Head over to my instagram and subscribe cause i’m gonna do some exciting giveaways soon!!!

FinelyCup by Fablife

Wesbite: https://www.fablife.style/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fablife_style/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fablifestylealwaysaspire/?ref=br_rs

Location: 883 North Bridge Road, #13-02, SOUTHBANK Singapore 198785

FinelyCup Lingerie by Fablife

Fablife brings in amazing lingerie, the brand is Finelycup.

Firstly, I really really love the apartment office that they get for customers to come by and relax, other than purchasing. This is the 2nd level, where all the lingeries are displayed like a counter at the shopping mall.


And this is their level 1 of the apartment, where all the other skincare or healthcare related products are placed. It feels really cozy, isn’t it??SAM_8905-01

So… back to Finelycup, i really love all the designs available for sale!!!  SO SO gorgeous, feminine and lacey?


They offers an intimate 1 to 1 consultation as well, before you go ahead to purchase the correct sizing and type of lingerie to correct your current problems.

I think this is what made them unique, adding a personal touch to their products with extra services provided.


Alice, the founder of Fablife, assist to help with measurements and then picked out 3 choices (Designs) for me to explore. Then she explained really clearly how these bras can help tackle my current issue, which i told her, is excess fats at the sides and sagging due to breastfeeding for a period of time after giving birth to my 2nd boy.

I went home happily, with a set of bra that fits me really well.


It’s not only SUPER NICE IN DESIGN, it lifts the front and tackle the excess issue at my sides. I have never worn a bra so fitting before.


See the sides, it keeps the excess in control and is supposed to correct it in the long run.

Just to share abit more on the lingerie set itself, it comes with a pretty mesh satin panties as well.



Yes. This is a dream come through cause wire simply hurts and sucks.



The size that I’m wearing is 75B.

Just a series of my selfies:


They also carry other range of products, like sleep wears, sports range and shape wears. Check out some of the pictures that i have taken from the display rack.




Lastly, spend above $750 to become a FABLIFE member. (Limited to first 500 pax)

You’ll be able to enjoy exclusive benefits as following:
– Birthday Month 35% off
– Normal Month 10% off
– Earn 1 point with every $10 dollars spend to exchange
– Entitled to a range of 10%-55% on selected range
– Membership classes like flower arrangement,wine tasting etc..
– Entitled to amenities like this pool deck and sauna whenever you come by to shop with them:), can bring along +1 too


They’re also having attractive Christmas promo so go on to shop with them!!!

FinelyCup by Fablife

Wesbite: https://www.fablife.style/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fablife_style/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fablifestylealwaysaspire/?ref=br_rs

The Venna Rice Spa by FABLIFE

Recently, I tried the Venna Rice Spa, a very natural product, made with ingredients like Oatmeal, Rice Enzyme and Tea Tree Oil.

2018-11-05 11.35.54 1

This product is also voted by Beauty Insider, as the Best Face Saver in 2018.

It aids in combating acne, reducing wrinkles and promoting cell regeneration. It also fights any signs of aging with Rice Enzyme Powder and Oat Extract to make way for rejuvenated and vibrant looking skin.


The Venna comes with 9 sachets of “Rice Spa” powder,conveniently with a brush and a measuring container for mixing.

So, i give it a go!

It’s recommended to use half a sachet- 1 full sachet per usage.

2018-11-14 08.06.36 1

I mixed an entire sachet with approx 12ml of water, like instructed.


Firstly, apply some on your cheeks and rub in circular motion, to scrub your entire face with the mixture.



After a GOOD SCRUB, apply the rest of the mixture to both your face and neck and use them as a mask.

2018-11-14 08.06.36 3

It sure smells yummy! I really like the rice grain smell, very natural.

2018-11-14 08.06.35 2

Leave it on for 10-15 minutes, then pat some water to your face and continue to scrub.


I really like the process, it feel as if you’re getting rid of all sorts of dirt. Whenever you are ready, you can wash the mixture off!

2018-11-14 08.06.35 1

VERDICT: My skin feels AMAZING, definitely smoother and whitened after using it. Liking the natural ingredients in the mask too!

Some of the other properties of Venna Rice Spa:

    • Natural Skin Whitening
    • Bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and anti-sensitive
    • Regenerate and reduce dead or damaged skin cells
    • Reduce dull skin, spots and signs of aging
    • Diminishing of fine lines and reduction of wrinkles
    • Eliminate fatigue and restore vitality
    • Help skin to retain moisture and glow
    • Effective in curing acne
    • Maintain skin elasticity
    • Replenish nutrients needed by skin
    • Relax muscles, relieve stress and boost cell regeneration

This mask can also be applied daily to your skin, it’s gentle and soothing.

2018-11-14 08.06.36 2

For me, i applied alternate days, good enough!

2018-11-14 08.06.34 1

Venna Rice Spa can be found exclusively at Fablife.

It cost $48.50 for a box of 9 sachets and it sure made a good gift!

Wesbite: https://www.fablife.style/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fablife_style/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fablifestylealwaysaspire/?ref=br_rs

Le Queenz: Expert Customized Facial Treatment in Singapore

I truly enjoyed the trip to Le Queenz, a facial salon located conveniently in Middle Road, Fortune Center.


Le Queenz are famous for their Customized Facial Treatment, a 90 minutes facial session designed to meet the different needs of your skin.

There are 5 kind of customized facials that they offer:

1. Skin Strengthening & Protection (Revitalizing tired skin)
2. Regenerating Milky Enzyme (Illuminating for dull skin)
3. Moisture Booster (Intense Hydrating for dehydrated skin)
4. Intense Purifying (For blemished skin)
5. Intense Calming (For sensitive skin)

The Master Beauty Artist, Elaine, has more than 10 years of industry experience and is a super popular beautician. Therefore, my skin were in good hands when i visited Le Queen for the facial session.

The place is really comfortable and cozy! The lighting are dimmed and the salon is not noisy as well because the beautician focus only on one customer at a time.


Well, the advantage is that all the attention could be on you!


For the 90 minutes Customized Facial, i did the one that is suitable for sensitive skin, as following:

Step 1 & 2: Removal of Makeup using Milk Cleanser & Double cleanse using Foam Cleanser


Step 3: Enzyme peeling to remove dead skin cells and brighten your skin

The Enzyme is really nice smelling and it feels so gentle for my skin! The purpose of it is to soften and help push dead cells and impurities to the surface of the
skin before its removal using a high technology equipment. The facial extraction thus, can be pain-free!

Step 4: Using an equipment to gently remove impurities from the skin + blackheads extraction


Ewww look at the impurities from my nose!


Step 5: Usage of Babor’s beauty Ampoule

The one used on me is the Hydra Plus ampoule.

It’s an active concentrate for dry, dehydrated skin, containing hyaluronic acid and a plant-based moisturizer to help supply intensive hydration.



My skin feels really refreshed and thoroughly hydrated after application!

Step 6: Face and Eye Massage

Their facial massage is really the best!!! The comfort level is 10/10 and i seriously have not received this kind of treatment elsewhere. Usually, the facial just end off with mask and shoulder massage.


Step 7: Application of customized mask

The mask mix are usually customized according to your skin condition.


Step 8: Basic Care to complete the treatment

Of course, to end off, the basic toner, moisturizer and sunblock are applied.


And, my skin is literally BABY BUTT SOFT and CLEAR after the session!!!


What i love most about LE QUEENZ:

1. Customized Treatment
Before the start of any treatment, our Facial Therapist will do a personal consultation to get the full details on your skin type and condition. Then, the treatment and products used will be adapted to your skin needs for maximize results!!

2. Effectiveness
Le Queenz only uses premium skincare products as following:

  • Babor – Germany’s No.1 Professional Skincare
    Used extensively in over 90 countries worldwide and has been in the market for
    more than a half century. Its high quality is recognized by hoteliers and global
    beauty partners such as The St. Regis Dubai and Bali, SPAs in Ritz-Carlton hotels etc.
  • Kueshi – Spain’s Most Famous Skincare
    With high quality active ingredients and natural products, Kueshi is known for their effectiveness in providing optimal results to the skin. Animal lovers rejoie as all of their product formulas are cruelty free.

3. Perfect for Every Skin Type (including Sensitive Skin)
All the products used are made from botanical extracts, so they’re definitely gentle for any skin type including sensitive skin! There is no redness and no downtime for each facial treatment.

4. Prices are All-Inclusive
Services at Le Queenz are top-notch!  Their therapists are nice and non hard selling. (No selling policy during the treatment process.)

All prices you see online and offline are all inclusive, which covers the ampoule, mask, serum and any other products used for the entire service.


New customers can enjoy this customized Facial Treatment + FREE eye treatment
massage (worth $200) at only $50 NETT!!!

Appointment required, to enjoy this promotion, the readers and followers can call 62440228 or SMS 8533 2336 to quote “Jeslyne Soh X First Trial Facial $50”.


I’m a really happy customer! Will definitely visit this place again 🙂



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