Black Paint Organic Skincare Set: Healthy Cleansing

Hi all,
I’ve worked as a Black Paint skincare promoter for 14days in April.
Am glad to be trained on the benefits of using this Black Paint skincare products!

Black Paint is originated from Kyoto Japan! 
And its products are 100% organic.
So i’m absolutely grateful to be given one full set of Black Paint skincare
by the founder, Miyuki, as a reward for hardwork.
Therefore i am here, doing a review for them(:

During that period, there are ongoing promotions so the promotion price for a box is $129!

One full set consists of:
A black paint charcoal soap (Main Product)

A konjac scrub sponge
Vegetable oil
Best Water (Toner)
Rose water (Pore tightening)
Water cream (Moisturiser)

What are some of the benefits?
As i’ve been fully trained by 3 japanese consultants and the manager herself,
all the information that i’m gonna give you now would be really accurate(:

Black Paint is famous for their Pore Cleansing.

So the main benefits of using their products:
-Cleanse your pores 
-Close your pores
-Tighten your pores
And to pamper your pores with the right skincare guide! 

Girls, if you do go for facial to cleanse your face once in a while,
Black Paint actually works the same way, just naturally!

This is what the BLACK PAINT CHARCOAL SOAP looks like.
I’ll be your instruction manual in this case!

Step 1:
 BP Charcoal Soap (Main Product) 
is made up of charcoal with 23 different essential oils.

This bar soap can last you up to 1 month if you use it twice daily
(Day and Night)

It works as a:
-Facial Cleanser
-Make-up remover
(Able to remove heavy waterproof eye make ups)

Don’t worry! It smells good with all the essential oils…
And it is not going to dry your face at all.

Black Paint works for all skin types.
For oily/normal/sensitive skins

How to start using it?
Firstly, place the soap into a cup of warm water and let it soak for 20 seconds!
After 20 seconds, apply it to your face with all the 6 surfaces of the BP soap.

It is recommended to apply cover all 6 surfaces of the soap.
However if lazy, just apply it all over your face.

When you apply to your face, black colour is good
Grey colour indicates that the BP is not soak long enough in the warm water.
After applying, place the charcoal soap on bowl or plate and let it dry naturally.
(Repeat when you use it during the day and night)

Massage your face for 20 seconds to let the Black Paint enter your pores!
I would advise you to apply at the eyes area during the last 10 seconds!

Why Black Paint instead of a normal facial cleanser?
Firstly, unlike normal cleanser, Black Paint does not leave your skin too dry.
It will leave your skin just nice without being too oily or dry.

When the Black Paint enter your pores, it actually brings all the dirt and impurities away 
when you cleanse your face with warm water after..

Although it is a bar soap, which makes it incredibly troublesome,
the process and result will convince you otherwise!

Since it is packaged at a one month serving size,
this suggests that to cleanse your face and pores completely..
(A human face has 200 over pores)
You are to dedicate to this facial wash and not mix it with other products in the meanwhile!
Since it is 100% organic, organic works best with organic products.

Also, during the meantime when you use Black Paint.
It warns us that there might be a mini breakout or dryness at some parts of your face.
This is completely NORMAL!
Because BP are trying to push all the dirt out of your face!
Therefore, a breakout simply suggests that part of your face as dirty.
For me, my mini breakout happened just after 5 days 
but only a few at the forehead and lower chin area!

Just apply more toner, and it will go away after 2 days or so!
However, after the whole “treatment” process i would say…

Step 2: 
Scrub your face once a day at least with the
 Konjac Scrub Sponge

It is made of 100% vegetable fibres.
Use it to remove all the unwanted blackheads 
and impurities that are pushed out by the Black Paint soap!

Soak the Black Sponge in warm water for the first time to soften it!
Usage: 1 month 
(Throw away when soft and broken)

Ladies, our nose areas and the area below our lower lip are usually rough and edgy.
This is because of blackheads and impurities!

Directions of use:
Simply pressed on both cheeks area and gently move left and right.
Press and move and repeat all around the face,
For nose areas, light scrubs are recommended.
Next, if you do purchase these other products..
(As i mentioned organic works best together)

Best Water (Toner)
The BP Toner is 100% alcohol free so no chemicals will be apply to your face!
It might be hard to penetrate into your skin as there are no alcohol.
Pump 5 times onto your hand and then apply and push the toner into your face.

Rose water (Pore tightening)
Rose are queen of pores tightening!
We love this!
As a bottle of Rose Water is made of 2000 FRESH ROSE pumped into it!
Purpose is to tighten the pores after hydrating it with toner!

It is important as pores that are tight makes a face lift!
If your pores are big and open,
it may cause your face to sag and dry!

Water cream (Moisturiser)

Lastly, their moisturiser works as a protective layer to dirt in the air!
Simply apply onto your face..
As you massage in the Water Cream, water droplets are formed around that area.
Simply SPREAD and let the moisturiser DRY ON IT’S OWN!
It may take 2-3minutes but let it dry on it’s own.
After dried, it feels like a make up base(:
(May protect you from the chemicals in your make up as well)
For me, i know all the purpose of using these products..
So i does all 5 steps even before i leave the house in the morning!

So does it really work?
I can only conclude that it leaves my skin soft and much fairer after using it for a month!
It is reasonably smooth and the dry and bumpy areas are really gone!
I generally also feel healthier for my skin as all ingredients are organic.
I would surely purchase the Black Paint again to cleanse my pores regularly!

Worth a try ladies!
I’ve repurchased my second bar of Black Paint soap.
It really cleanses my skin like no other facial cleanser!

Black Paint can now be purchased at 
Jurong Westgate Isetan B2 (Japanese products section)
They are still trying to get a retail store in Taka Orchard!

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