Jonsson Protein Scalp Treatment

Hi all!
Recently, i went for a scalp treatment because i’m starting to lose ALOT of hair..
Seriously, it’s a post natal problem….
but lucky for me, my hair is really thick (Can’t imagine for those with little hair)

Other than hair loss
i’m an occasional hair model.
Which means i do perm, dye and treatments very often.
(All the residue left over from the chemicals… Eww )
Therefore i also have 2.chemically damaged hair.

So here…. i am very happy with the trial and my scalp feels very clean!
Here’s an after photo.

I believe taking good care of your scalp is as important as taking good care of your hair.
If you bother to do treatments and all to protect your hair’s quality,
why not start with your scalp?
If not sooner or later… we will all grow old and bald(I hope not).
SO…. i went to the Plaza Singapura new wing outlet to try out.
Jonsson Protein is actually similar to Yun nan hair care..
They tackle problems such as baldness, hair loss, dandruff or chemically damaged hair.

Before the treatment started,
i was brought into a room to be explained on hair growth 
and all the respective knowledge that i should know about our scalp and how the treatments will help.
Then, my hair analysis was shown and explained to me further on my problem.
Your scalp condition can be affected due to the weather, your diet or hydration as well.
Which is why they ask if i eat spicy things and fried food as well..
Many other questions regarding lifestyle like sleep and stress level also!
Anyway… this was the after treatment photo cause i didn’t took any before that!
Next, the treatment proceeds!

First step, wash my hair..

Then later, they applied a protein gel pack evenly on my scalp.
Unlike other places, their treatment gel smells good and fruity (Not like herbs)
And i heard chamomile is part of the ingredient…
It looks like an edible fruit jelly ahhah..

To be left on for 30mins and boost with steam heat.

And then tada done!
Hair is washed again and hair essence was applied on certain parts of my scalp.

Then i was shown the difference of my previous and after analysis.
The person serving me was Georgina Poh.
Ya all can look for her if you’re there for a trial!
She’s very detailed and served well.
To be honest, it felt refreshing..
but because i only did 1 treatment, it didn’t feel too much of a difference.
However, goodbye to itch and occasional flakes from my scalp for now yay!

Free 3 pc starter kit which includes a shampoo, conditioner & essence.
Bought the shampoo however because the products in the starter kit is for all hair types.
Cause Georgina recommended me to use the shampoo for oily dandruff scalp.
So bought one to try at $37.45!
It’s pretty reasonable..

Took another close-up of my scalp as well..
Looks clean right?
Non-edited lightings or what-so-ever.
So if you do have hair concerns, or the older people around you faces them,
Feel free to pass this deal around!
 Sign up for 1 free treatment and receive 1 starter kit at:

14 thoughts on “Jonsson Protein Scalp Treatment

      1. Oh Gosh! I went to plaza sing recently 2 mths back n receive the most horrible experience at that outlet. Was only late for 2 mins reaching at 7.47 n they deny my registration. Stating that the system auto closed. Was aghast when I ask the Mgr to help me out, The consultant lady Elaine threw back my Ic to me n tell me cannot means cannot. N even send the mall security over! Such a drama as if I did a criminal act!


  1. Wah like that can go there for free la no need to pay anything ah? But the place look so atas leh if never pay not paiseh meh


    1. Hi Renise, of course, you can sign up for the package if you like the treatment! But I’m pretty sure there are trial sessions that you can try out first.


  2. A few of us are trialling the Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay range for oily roots. I quite like the mask, shampoo and conditioner. You can see/join our discussion in the sticky thread in the hair forum.


    1. Hi Felisha, thank you for sharing! Loreal products are usually very effective for its pricing too. If not you guys can try out Phyto shampoos and conditioners, work really well for me


  3. Since the age of 18, I’ve tried everything from anti-hair loss shampoos to hair growth tonics to hair care treatments to resolve my receding hairline and thinning hair but all efforts ended in smoke. Thankfully, I got to know about Jonsson Protein through a friend’s recommendation. After a few months of protein-based treatments with them, my oily scalp has improved, my hair fall has decreased and my hair is no longer as sparse as before. Friends even complimented that my hair has become thicker and I am now a confident person.


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