ClearSK Hydrabright Lazer Facial [AD]

 Hi! I’m back for another review 
This time, i had a super lovely session with 
Clear SK Medi Aesthetics 
at the Novena Medical Center outlet.

In the picture below, i have completely NO MAKE UP on and 
NO photo edit/ lighting adjustment to this picture
(other than cropping my mole away, yes i have a mole on my upper lip:(
but i seriously feel like removing them soon haha)
I’m super happy with what 1 session can do to my face, just look at how it shines seriously.
Definitely confident to wear less BBcream/ foundation now already.
sorry peeps for the dark eyebags, they’re so ugly ahah
This is the 1st time that i’m able to look presentable after a facial.
Usually my face ends up having certain red marks/looks extremely dull.
It’s impossible to look so glowy w/o makeup.
I have tried expensive facials as well, 
Of course they work well but i still ended up having 
red marks because they still use the squeezing method at some point of the facial.
Also..Let’s not talk about the cheap ones..
Their existence are simply to make us feel like we’re taking care of skins regularly with a pocket friendly price (but i feel like they’re really of no use)
Anyway, i’m just super happy with the result ahah
So let me explain, what’s so special? 
The ClearSK Hydrabright Lazer Facial 
targets to brighten the face using light lazer.

The lazer uses Light and Heat to infuse & lock the nutrients into deeper skin layers, 
keeping your skin supple & rejuvenated. 

LHE also helps to brighten skin tone & lighten mild pigmented 
skin conditions (such as acne marks, freckles, etc.)

So, unlike the normal facial,
if you’re looking at brightening your overall complexion/lightening some scars or pigmentations,
this might be more suitable unlike the normal cleansing/moisturising facials.

Follow me through the process and learn how the facial is done:

Here’s a…. erm…. toilet selfie hahaha 
Well i love great toilet lightings
Okay next.
Clear SK is located at 
Novena Medical Center.
The vibe is very dark, comfortable and clinical(cause of the blue lightings)
Well first, fill up their form if you’re their 1st time customer.
Here, their facial room, everywhere’s really dim
so i have to adjust the lighting a lot for you guys to see the pictures clearly
Locker to put your belongings, and i still have light makeup on here
(but yet i think i look more dull than w/o makeup after the facial)
I’m really tired after class that day anyway.
1st step, Cleansing
The Japanese technology of Iontophoresis is used to deep-cleanse & exfoliate skin, 
with no need for painful extraction.
So it’s just like a mini machine rubbing in a circular motion around your face

And this is exactly what i like about,
no need for squeezing and painful extractions.

I’m sorry she’s always moving so it’s hard to capture a clear pic ahah
2nd stepMoisturizing
(ascorbic & vitamin c)

As you can see, something is placed under my right shoulder
It’s an electrical conductor.

ClearSK uses light ultrasonic waves of Iontophoresis to help enhance the infusion of the applications,
it can also help break down pigments (if any) without damaging the skin at all.
I can really feel the electric waves(slight) as they apply the vitamins on my face.
Especially near my teeth area.
But overall, no harm( i know it sounds scary, electric on your face lol)
3rd step: Brightening
(with the LAZER: LHE)
My eyes are covered to be protected from the bright light from the lazer.
It’s like IPL, works like a scanner.
So basically Cheryl just press and hold on my face for one/two flashlights interval,
it will just feel a little warm but rest assured no pain at all.
So here, the right side of my face is done, and left is not
Can you see the difference?
hahhahaha try to spot cause one side is definitely brighter than the other. 
Lastly, shoulder massage and then face mask on!
I swear the shoulder massage is really good and professional.
Key points to take note after the facial,
To moisturise more often for the next few days as after using the LHE light treatment,
it might cause your face to be a little more dry.
Just a little no worries,
No difference for me so far as i have been
 diligently putting on lots of moisturiser every night(:
TADA! Here, after the facial and w/o makeup
(Pardon my eyebags….seriously sigh)
I feel that it looks like the pic with make up on earlier.
Once again, focus on my complexion please not dark circles
Yes, My overall experience was good!
No pain, relaxing and yet it works!
Just look at this again..haha
The Hydrabright Lazer Facial is priced at $98 for 75mins.

For other services,
You may also check out their website at:

They also have promotions/trial prices for new customers at:

Anyway, side track a little,
I’m moving over to my own domain soon so i’m really excited for the new blog layout
Will keep you guys updated!

Thank you once again Samplestore!

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