Browtisan Eyelash Extensions

Hi! It’s been a month since 
i’ve done my BROWTISAN eyelash extensions 
so i thought that i’ll just do a short review of it
The promotions are still ongoing at groupon so hurry grab before the deal’s over!

$28 for a Customised Korean Single Lash Eyelash Extension at Browtisan (worth $123) in Orchard Road

I did their dramatic eyelash as you can refer to from the picture below.
You may opt for natural extensions, which i normally do.
(And when the lashes drop you won’t look awkward with empty spaces between your lashes)
Only did dramatic this time cause it’s good for photos.
They’re 13mm if i’m not wrong, 
and the beautician mixed some 12mm for the sides so it don’t look flat and weird.
Actually no matter where you’ll be doing your lashes extensions,
i recommend a customised one instead of a fixed length for all lashes
 cause they will look really unnatural.
So ladies, please ask before you do it, esp for their deals/coupons
(you don’t want to end up topping up money)
Happy eyes for Day 1
Afew days later… still good.

3 weeks after…
Okay i drop like min 1 lash everyday so it’s pretty good to last this long already?

The life expectancy of these lashes to stay on your eyes prettily is a month or lesser 
So i guess Browtisan’s a pretty good recommendation to go to.

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