Kotex LUXE pads [AD]

Hi ladies! 
The product that i’ll be reviewing today is the 

Ladies, if you are often insecure on your period days,
am afraid of leaks/stains 
during the night when you sleep,
when you sit/walk/perform activities during the day,
Then you obviously are not using the right brand.

 With the new KOTEX Luxe Ultrathin,

The pad that will help you realise that overnight period leakage is never your fault. 
& Now you can feel fabulous and on top of your game even on your period days, 
no more compromises!

So here, let me tell you how!

Night time – 32 cm 
The new KOTEX LUXE Ultrathin pad has a honeycomb liquid-locker which absorbs 
3X faster than your normal pads.

The honeycomb centre helps keep your skin dry, 
while the New Surround Lock Protector(surrounding embossed star-contours)
is designed to help provide you with additional security and leakage protection.

Same for the Day pads,
they’re designed to provide you with both dryness and softness!

Below in the video, 
I’ve experiment the overnight ultrathin with the following objectives:

1) To test how much the pad can hold
2) The feel of the surface (wet/dry)
(I have to test this to know if it’s comfortable or not)

And yes,
i would rate….
1)To test how much the pad can hold 8/10
Considering that we ladies, don’t actually have that much of a night flow
as compared to the amount of water i’ve poured hah

2) The feel of the surface (wet/dry) 9/10
Am really impressed by how dry the surface feels 
even after being filled with so much water.

So.. Kudos to the pretty striking colours 
and creative packaging this time round by KOTEX.

You may purchase them at $5.95 per pack.

 FREE SAMPLE can be redeemed at 
Sample Store website:https://www.samplestore.com/catalog/product/view/id/2394

For more information, do proceed to:


Thank you once again Sample store!

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