Myntefingers Home-Based Nail Salon [AD]

Hello beauties!

I’m proud to announce that I’ll be working long-terms with 

For those who’re in love with my pretty nails,
You’d love the price that you have to pay for it as well!

Look how pretty!
I look up 2 nail designs and then asked her to combine it for me,
And Ta-Da! Yays to the broken lines that looks so chic.

I really don’t know where to find such good deals any more.

At the moment, Mynt is charging:
$25 for Classic Gel Mani
$15 express Gel Mani

It’s like a huge difference compared to the price you pay at the retail salons?
What better, she’s meticulous and you get a 1-1 service!
It’s feels so relaxing as well cause we just keep chatting till we forgets the time.

She’s located at Yishun.
If you stay nearby, no more excuses! Just go! 

I can’t wait for the upcoming set of nails for my prewedding photoshoot:)

Will share with you girls soon!

Lastly, Discounts!!!
Everyone loves discounts…

So remember to quote Jeslyne to enjoy additional $5 off all gel services!
So it’ll be a really worth it!:)

Comment below if ya all have any questions!

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