Pretty Nail Wraps from Nailsicle

I always love a set of nicely done nails, but with so little time and restrictions on the types of nails that can be done as a mother of 2, i simply stop going to nail parlours.

With delight, I was introduced to Nailsicle, an online brand that sells pretty nail wraps!


I like how it comes with clear instructions to guide first timers like me put on the nail wraps.


The prints are so pretty! I don’t even know which should i begin with.


After much consideration, I’ve decided to put on this girly pink/purple/flowerish style to go along with my makeup. You’ll see later:)


Following the instructions, I’ve picked a nail wrap that is appropriate for my thumb nail and carefully stick it on. You can view the step by step below, it’s really simple!


And in no time, i’m done pasting all the nail stickers on my fingers:)


Some tips after i’ve tried putting them on:

  1. Make sure your hands are completely dry/non-oily.
  2. Stick the nail wraps properly if not it’s going to keep coming off
  3. If you have short nails like me, one nail wrap sticker can actually be used twice. (YES I used the same designs FOR BOTH my right and left hand)
  4. When you file the excess nail wrap off, press it down properly once first, so it gets nicely cut off
  5. Do not press too hard on the nail wraps because they are very soft and easily torn
  6. My nails are quite small, so I’m still left with so many bigger wraps which i won’t be able to use unless i cut them myself. I suggest giving the rest of the wraps to another person whose nails are bigger!

TADA and i’m done!

Does this theme matches my makeupoftheday?:) So so pretttyyyyy!!


What i like about Nailsicle is that their nail wraps are made from REAL Nail Polish so it looks super natural and the ingredients are safe for our hands!

It’s so convenient plus i can change my nail design whenever i want to without having to repaint, no more waiting for nails to dry!

It’s literally like magic, instant manicure from the comfort of my home! Plus the designs looks like wearable art to me, all my friends love them!


I will definitely buy these for my niece or cousins who are basically children and is not suitable to use nail polishes. Pregnant mummies can also avoid painting their nails with this alternative, how nice!

These nails also lasts up around 14 days, depends on your activities.


Lastly, Do check out their other nail wrap designs on their website!


I am certainly pleased with my pretty nails now!


Eyelash Extensions and Facial at Emerald Allure [Roxy Square]- Singapore

Hi All! Remember the Eyebrow Embroidery that I did with Emerald Allure?

This week, I went to their new Roxy Square outlet to complete the look with a new set of Eyelash Extensions and a pampering Facial Session! I decided not to touch up my brows due to Baby Number 2!

You know, I’m really proud of this set of Eyelash Extensions! SO DAMN PRETTY RIGHT??????????????

If you girls heard of Emerald Allure, they used to be a home-based salon located at Punggol (Yes it’s still there).

Today, they opened 2 outlets in Roxy Square, providing nail services, facial sessions, and lash extensions. I think they have expanded well!

Well, let me show you more of my pretty lashes, i took one whole series on these precious.*wink*

My lashes are length 12mm, with a mix of longer/shorter lashes. You can actually leave it to them to customize your lashes for you, with a choice of longer lash ends or longer mid lashes in the centre.

Of course, I also did a facial over there, which means settling 2 beauty services at once conveniently at the outlet!

It’s a humble new outlet, but definitely, the lash/nail advisors there are skilled!

So…. My lashes and facial are done by Vivi, and I really enjoyed the facial session. It’s basic facial but Vivi is so patient that she really cleaned my face really thorough and well?

Emerald Allure is having August Promotions!!!!

Extensions prices are REALLY AFFORDABLE now!

Check them out at their social media pages for more information:



On usual days, other than Aug, remember to quote “Jeslyne” for an additional 5% off!

xoxo, Jeslynexsoh

Myntefingers Home-Based Nail Salon [AD]

Hello beauties!

I’m proud to announce that I’ll be working long-terms with 

For those who’re in love with my pretty nails,
You’d love the price that you have to pay for it as well!

Look how pretty!
I look up 2 nail designs and then asked her to combine it for me,
And Ta-Da! Yays to the broken lines that looks so chic.

I really don’t know where to find such good deals any more.

At the moment, Mynt is charging:
$25 for Classic Gel Mani
$15 express Gel Mani

It’s like a huge difference compared to the price you pay at the retail salons?
What better, she’s meticulous and you get a 1-1 service!
It’s feels so relaxing as well cause we just keep chatting till we forgets the time.

She’s located at Yishun.
If you stay nearby, no more excuses! Just go! 

I can’t wait for the upcoming set of nails for my prewedding photoshoot:)

Will share with you girls soon!

Lastly, Discounts!!!
Everyone loves discounts…

So remember to quote Jeslyne to enjoy additional $5 off all gel services!
So it’ll be a really worth it!:)

Comment below if ya all have any questions!

GELISH NAILS by Simplicity Nails @ Trina’s

Hi there! 
Some resolutions for the new year…
(Even though it’s already mid Feb)
is to get my lazy ass up and blog about not only the sponsored items,
but what i generally wants to write.
(it’s my blog anyway and a long time ago, we all used to write diaries on them isn’t it)

So I had a very simple CNY this year, as compared to all those crazy years.
Am so glad that i finally get to do my nails!
(Since my baby Aaron is not as young anymore)

So i knew Trina through a friend and 
have been wanting to support/ try out her nail services since very far back, 
but she used to stay at Jurong area, which is totally unreachable for me.

You guys can go check out 

Basically, it’s a home based nail salon located at Clementi at the moment.
So if you stay nearby, 
it’ll definitely be more convenient than going till far east plaza to have your nails done.

I’ve decided to support her as ya know, there’re surcharges for nails during cny and those that i go to are generally expensive( Yes, Far east plaza)

So this is the design i wanted with abit of twist..

And there you go!
This set costs me $105 if i remembered correctly.
With $15 surcharges.
But overall, the price is reasonable and definitely cheaper than Milly’s or The Nail Status.

On a non-cny period, and if your design is s
$45 onwards.

Am overall pleased with my nails!
PANTONE is in trend as well which is the reason why i chose this!

You can hop over to her IG 

to check out more nail designs!