EZBUY, shopping on Taobao can be so easy! Review on TAOBAO HAUL!


Everything is soooooo cheap and good!
Look at me, head to toe all bought from my Taobao Haul!
Yes, my shades, kicks,bag,jeans,tops and choker(Even my lipstick)!

I’m so glad that EZBUY approached me for this campaign because i am 100% WILLING to draft up a post for them.

I think i have started shopping on EZBUY (previously known as 65daigou) like 3 years ago.. 
honestly i think i bought stuffs beyond clothing only, i bought like bags, shoes, housewares, anything that’s quirky so cute(so affordable as well!)

For the shopaholic in me, i had to shop like every week, adding items to cart and checking out new release here and then. I cart out like a few hundreds of dollars at a time, can you imagine 60 items at least per checkout lol.

1) Why Shop from Taobao?

From clothes, shoes, bags, accessories to home supplies and stationeries,
And the reason why i used EZBUY is because i couldn’t manage the chinese contents(Like most Singaporean).

EZBUY made it so much easier, effortless, as everything’s in english.
They communicate everything for you with the seller, 
and you may even refund/ exchange conveniently if there is a defect.

And why is it cheaper? It’s because shopping directly from the country of origins helps to bypass any importer, exporter, distributor or retailers, therefore, paying only the direct manufacturer price!

2) Benefits of Prime membership in Ezbuy

Now, EZBUY starts to offer a Prime membership that offers you an 
1. unlimited shipping fee at only $2.99,

Regardless of the size, weight or quantity of your items added to your shopping cart!!

HOW GREAT RIGHT, i couldn’t believe it at first, but i joined and vouch that it works!
2. An Instant upgrade to SVIP membership to enjoy 
50% savings off agent fee on Prime orders
   – Includes all Buy-For-Me services such as Purchasing, Inspection and After-sales support

For those who do not know, you’ll have to pay shipping fees and agent fees when you purchase via Ezbuy.
The Agent fees are not too big amount for the convenience that they brought to you..
And being a PRIME member gets you to save further more on agent fee!!! Yay!

My Taobao Haul Experience:

Now, i’m going to share with you guys some of my recent Taobao haul collections!!

I love casual basic,
Firstly, my ever trusted black knit top, tattered jean shorts and bag sling bucket bag!

Mad love for this pink lace basics!!
Favourite grey big bag as for now and my black culottes!
And this brown culottes!

Pretty chokers!!!
 i bought like 10 of them in different design cause each cost me like 40cents-$1 each
Recently i bought pretty quirky shades just to spice up my photos,
and the pair of framed glasses too for the nerd inside of me.
Okay, there are seriously TOO MANY CLOTHES that i’ve bought from Taobao..
But i would like to emphasise that pretty rompers, short dresses, maxi dresses can be found on they website too!!
Even wedding dresses, baby toys, household items and every other things can be found!
If you’re someone who buy many items at a time, 
do check out their PRIME membership as it’s REALLY WORTH IT.
$2.99 flat shipping rate for any weight leh, how to find!!
Okay, lastly, if you love some of my Taobao Haul
you’ll LOVE IT EVEN MORE when you visit their site or shop on their mobile app at:
If you’re very new to this, fret not, Ezbuy has generously give out $10 for my followers to try now!

Hurry register with Ezbuy and 
get free $10 Shopping Credit to try now! 
Sign up here: bit.ly/jeslyne65

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